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Acquire different perspectives on how to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive operating environment.


Driving demand through surgical precision:

Whilst eCommerce penetration continues to grow globally, smaller brands and businesses are competing with monstrous marketplaces, and these marketplaces are continually under fire from stronger competitors. The options for consumers as to where to spend money crosses borders and cultures and are as wide spread as the internet itself.

Payments, Trust and Security – moving beyond the transaction:

eCommerce can only grow as fast as consumers can transact and it is the principal enabler for the entire industry. Africa has a complex and often restricted payments landscape with a sordid history of fraud and regulatory abuse.



Designing for customer experience in an Amazon world

The Amazon affect is a phenomenon that has completely redefined customer expectations when shopping online. From the inception of Amazon Prime, global eCommerce markets have been on the back-foot to keep up with consumer expectations in delivery, availability, pricing, and innovation in the customer journey.

Optimising fulfillment for cost, speed and profit:

Delivery is the culmination of the entire online customer journey and has a larger impact on the decision to purchase, than price and quality. From package optimisation to reduce cost to the use of advanced technology to guarantee faster deliveries.


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