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The Amazon affect is a phenomenon that has completely redefined customer expectations when shopping online. From the inception of Amazon Prime, global ecommerce markets have been on the back-foot to keep up with consumer expectations in delivery, availability, pricing, and innovation in the customer journey. Even in markets where Amazon has no presence the Amazon affect can be felt. This session will aid in designing an ecommerce customer experience that can compete and excel in an Amazon world.

Topics to be covered in this session:

  • CX 4.0 – How to develop real-time customised and dynamic shopping experiences
  • Breathing physical life into digital experiences - tapping into online to offline (O2O) commerce
  • Creating an omni-channel strategy that connects customers to your brand
  • Incentivising customer conversion/checkout through loyalty and rewards programs
  • Deepening customer engagement through micro-moments/interactions

Delivery is the culmination of the entire online customer journey and has a larger impact on decision to purchase than price and quality. From package optimisation to reduce cost to the use of advanced technology to deliver faster, this session will guide large and small businesses on a fulfillment strategy that bolsters the customer experience whilst enhancing profit opportunity in the fastest growing segment of the ecommerce supply chain.

Topics to be covered in this session:

  • Developing a customer-centric fulfillment strategy
  • How Industry 4.0 is altering the logistics and delivery landscape in Africa
  • Increasing efficiency and reduce costs through innovative logistics solutions
  • Strategies for enabling more effective on-demand deliveries
  • Enhancing track-and-trace capabilities – transparency and real-time visibility in the delivery supply chain


Whilst ecommerce penetration continues to grow globally, smaller brands and businesses are competing with monstrous marketplaces, and these marketplaces are continually under fire from stronger competitors. The options for consumers as to where to spend money crosses borders and cultures and are as wide spread as the internet itself. Being able to drive demand amongst this clutter is less about making the most noise and more about surgical precision in capturing attention. This session will showcase the best practice principals for capturing and retaining attention, increasing conversion rates and return on marketing investment.

Topics to be covered in this session:

  • How channel analytics can improve product development, pricing and returns
  • Developing a winning multi-market eCommerce strategy to grow your business
  • Developing a digital experience strategy for multichannel customers
  • The role of data aggregation in driving eCommerce growth
  • Driving eCommerce sales through influencer marketing and social selling

eCommerce can only grow as fast as consumers can transact and it is the principal enabler for the entire industry. Africa has a complex and often restricted payments landscape with a sordid history of fraud and regulatory abuse. This session will explore the three most important elements that underpin payments in ecommerce; widening the payments catchment area, building trust amongst consumers and securing online transactions.

Topics to be covered in this session:

  • How digital payments are unlocking the true potential of mobile commerce
  • Fostering trust and security through social sharing and user-generated content (UGC)
  • Increasing your mobile commerce conversion rates through seamless digital payments
  • Providing a safer and more secure online shopping environment through biometrics
  • Crafting a multi-layered trust and security strategy in Africa



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The fourth industrial revolution, diffusion of the internet and digital technologies are transforming Africa’s economy. The rapid expansion of eCommerce and the digital economy continues to show significant potential for fostering economic and social development whilst also presenting an opportunity for driving cross-border digital trade. With eCommerce sales in Africa expected to account for 10% of retail sales in Africa’s largest economies by 2025 and despite various challenges, the industry is set for a 40% annual growth surge over the next decade. There has been no better time to tap into these burgeoning opportunities than by showcasing your solutions at Africa’s premier eCommerce event.

Solutions on offer:

  • Online Payments
  • Fulfillment
  • Delivery
  • Marketing
  • Point of Sale
  • CRM
  • Finance
  • Web Development
  • Payment Hardware
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobile
  • Communications



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