Gearing Up for eCommerce Acceleration in Africa | eCommerce Africa

Ecommerce in Africa continues to show robust growth potential. This has been spurred on by a number of technology investments that are beginning to bear returns for companies that are using innovation as a differentiator to their competitors.

With the ecommerce landscape in a state of perpetual evolution; it has become almost impossible to keep up, and in some cases catch-up with disruptive technologies shaping the online retail space.

Disruption has become the key measurement of potential success; as customers continue to seek experiences as opposed to products - it is no longer enough to have a wide selection of products in order to entice a check-out – and market leaders have become increasingly aware of this.

With the African ecommerce space attracting not only local retailers, but global market-leaders such as Amazon and eBay; it essential that new entrants seize the opportunity to use innovation as a key differentiator. It is not enough to know what the leading global trends and best practices are; if African online retailers are incapable of implementing them.

It is within this context that Kinetic’s annual eCommerce MoneyAfrica Confex has emerged as a leading platform for ecommerce practitioners from across the continent to gather and discuss practical methods for applying global best practices.

With the theme of the event being ‘accelerating ecommerce in Africa’; this is the only event to attend where you will hear from the leading minds in the African ecommerce space and gain hands-on experience on the entire ecommerce ecosystem.

Some of the themes to be covered at Africa’s biggest ecommerce event include: ‘How to accelerate delivery and fulfilment in Africa – Logistics’, ‘Digital transformation: shifting gears for growth – from retailer to successful e-tailer’, ‘Innovative strategies to eliminate barriers to seamless Cross Border eCommerce in Africa’, ‘CX Acceleration: Understanding e-commerce customer psychology’ and ‘Accelerating Mobile & Social Commerce’.

If you want to strategise for future growth, are looking at expanding into Africa, want to meet potential investors, or just want to engage and network with industry peers – this is the platform for you. Attend the eCommerce MoneyAfrica Conference and Exhibition hosted in Africa’s ecommerce hub – Cape Town on 14 & 15 March 2018. 

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