Platinum Seed

Bradley founded digital growth agency, Platinum Seed, in 2009 and grew the company to its current form as digital partner to some of the most recognised regional and global brands operating within Africa and abroad.

 In 2015, he founded Continuon, a social intelligence platform, which uses deep learning to analyse social media and 3rd party data, allowing brands to create smarter connections with their consumers.

 He is also the founder of CheqOut, one of South Africa’s first mobile payment solutions, which won Mobile Monday’s app of the year in 2012, and the co-founder of getTOD, an on-demand app that allows users to connect with tradesmen in real- time, track their location and make secure, cashless payments.

 Fundamentally, he believes that technology is a core enabler in enhancing our lives, business and world as we know it.

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