Since 2013 DutyPay supports international e-commerce sellers to comply with VAT and other cross-border rules and regulations in the EU. The German-based software and consulting company connects transaction data with rules and regulations.It provides tools and services toenable sustainable growthin cross-border trade for small and big e-commerce sellers.

With its expertise and passion,DutyPay is bridging compliance gaps fore-commerce companies to enable business development on an international scale.

In 2018, DutyPay initiated the 100Bridges project in association with GIZ and AAEC. The project connects African and European e-commerce sellers, experts and other stakeholders to learn, share and develop opportunities. Sellers can compete in the 100Bridges competitionto win one out of twenty EU-based companies, to start e-commerce sales in the EU from Africa.

DutyPay consists of people from around the world to shape the world. Join us to embrace the opportunities of global e-commerce.