Founder, Private Property
& One Africa Media

Co- Founder , Chairman and CEO of One Africa Media 2010 

Co-Founder , Executive Chairman and formar CEO of Private Property South Africa 1999

While Justin is best known for his part in the PrivateProperty story, his biggest achievement was probably the One Africa Media project where he and co-founder Carey Eaton built Africas largest Classifieds network, today its 18 companies in 10 countries. So yes that does mean there is a in Nigeria. This was acknwledged by EY who awarded him the 2014 Winner World Entrepreneur Award for the Africa emerging category. 

Justin, who has been paralised since 2009 after a skiing accident is not involved in operations of either company but is a mentor to promissing startups, and has made some early investments in companies we are sure to hear more about in the future. 

Most relevant to this event is Justins history and passion for real estate. He has developed commercial, industrial and residential Properties in and around Durban, one in HelderKruin. He still has a portfolio of residential property, and is facinated with the opportunity technology can have to disrupt the african property landscape, solving the two major challenges, access to finance and strong title deed security.

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