Our Mission is to empower our clients and give them control over theirbusiness.

Here at KENESIS we build our clients future and are committed to enriching andempoweringbusinesses everywhere with our software.


Our goal is to allow our clients to Be In Control.

Be In Controlof their Website.

Be In Controlof their Payment Options.

Be In Controlof their Delivery Options.

And Be In Controlof how the world sees Your Company.


Granting our clients complete control is the top priority of all of our software solutions.

KENESIS is multifaceted companywith software ranging from Customer Relationship Manager Systems, Custom Online Training Studios to Website Development Software.

All of our software has been engineered to be able to integrate with each other, offering a complete business-in-a-box solution.

Ourwebsite development(Content Management Software) software is pre-integrated into all major delivery and payment systems,so that our clients can immediately start reaping the online benefits.Our partners include DHL, PayFast and PayPal to name just a few.

KENESIS allows you full control over your client’sonline shopping experience, allowing for a seamless shopping experience regardless of the size of your operation.