With over 10 years in ecommerce and running one of South Africa’s most profitable online stores; Parcelninja’s success comes from a custom developed best-of-breed warehouse system and fulfilment network, which performs optimally in the local market. Parcelninja’s warehouse methodologies are world class leaving no room for error, ensuring that you benefit from a scalable infrastructure, with a breathable costing model. Our custom built ‘Courier LiveQuote’ is a multi-courier integrated system allowing us to partner with the right couriers, which means we are able to offer the cheapest rates to our customer in real time. Our commitment to IT systems and efficiencies has won us some of South Africa’s leading retail brands. We are continuously evolving and by partnering with us you can rest assured that you will be at the forefront of technology. After all, we are the only service provider committed to making outsourced warehousing and delivery east and cost effective. “Run your ecommerce business from anywhere” Scalable outsourced ecommerce warehouse & fulfilment

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