Head of Marketing
Daddy's Deals

I enjoy stepping into environments that are looking to grow and step outside the box and lead.
My passion lies in having a goal and fixing problems and making things work better, it all depends on the brand, their target market and their goal. 

  • I enjoy managing teams and finding ways to help consumers better identify with the brand and building long term relationships that positively affect the bottom line. 
  • I have delivered projects and strategies across continents for major financial services, Alcohol and FMCG companies. 
  • I have built and lead teams to deliver on the vision and expectations of client and agency, while formulating the processes and procedures needed to manage the company growth. 
  • I have helped shape executive thinking to formulate marketing plans and steer towards a more digital mind-set and managed relationships to ensure long term benefit. 
  • I have fleshed out, devised, planned and built technology solutions for clients across several channels, including mobile, digital and database


  • Managed, consulted and built online strategies (CRM, Loyalty, Campaign management) for Companies such as Checkers, FRANK.NET, Universal footwear, Ramsay Media, SA Paving, Kauai, CIPLA, Distell, Cash Crusaders, Old Mutual, brandhouse and Diageo.
  • Manage and guide CRM & Loyalty environments, user interface, architecture, development and design, reporting and measurement.


  • Redefined the consumer value for a startup app company and built a comprehensive on boarding and retention CRM strategy (Rewards and Loyalty) to align with the consumer targets. I showed positive results in the first 3 months, which have been used during the second round of VC funding.
  • Step changed the model and engagement strategy for a Mobile App Start-up company in just 2 months. 
  • Built up a division to plan, build and execute on CRM & digital solutions for a global CRM project for a Global Liquor client.
  • Achieved Lead generation conversation rates upwards of 25% for publishing, retail and brand clients.
  • Worked as part of the core team (programmer), to deliver the first Woolworths online shopping site. “inthebag”
  • Worked on executable strategies to help increase revenue for an online tourism business
  • Project managed the roll out and delivery of the Old Mutual Namibia digital presence encompassing several OMSA brands, that aligned with the overall brand plan, in 1999/2000
  • Managed the build and roll out of the first mobile device, lead generation project for Old Mutual PLC for a division called Emerging Middle Market, in 1999.
  • Built strategies that engage consumers and drive engagement in a retail space for food and fashion and Pharmaceutical and publishing. 2009 - 2016
  • Consulted to large Agencies and Corporates at a senior level on strategy, structure and Team Dynamics. 2009 – 2016

I have a history as a multisport athlete for over 25 years, competing in sports such as triathlon, Xterra, Half Ironman and Full Ironman. Represented South Africa at the world triathlon championships and have been the national champion in triathlon, Xterra, Aquathlon and currently the SA champion at Biathlon in the Veterans category.
I have a deep interest in Health and wellness, especially in and around foundational health and athletic health through supplementation and sports nutrition. I started a movement called the real health revolution, where we have a talk once a month for people who want to learn about Epigenetics and what switched it on and how it can be managed.
My wife is also a national biathlon champion and we have two children and daughter of 3 and a son of 7. We keep a healthy and fit life to be an example for them.

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