Sendy Ltd | eCommerce Africa

Sendy was launched in Kenya in 2014 with the mission to build partnerships that unlock new possibilities for businesses and individuals. The Kenya-based company is a delivery platform that connects businesses and individuals with drivers of all vehicle types making deliveries simple and transparent using a cutting edge, user-focused technology. When customers place delivery requests through the platform, Sendy dispatches these orders in real time to the closest available Sendy Partner Drivers. At Sendy, we believe delivery can move people, and even whole communities, forward because delivery unlocks potential, powers growth, and opens up a world of new possibilities.” Sendy enables businesses to outsource their logistics to a high quality and affordable service that is vastly more efficient than ad hoc in-house logistics management. The platform ensures that time and money are not wasted through mismatches in vehicle size and availability. Businesses no longer have to invest in their own logistics infrastructure when they expand their businesses. All they have to do is place their delivery requests through our web platform or mobile app. Furthermore, all goods are insured while on the move.