Smarter Ecommerce (smec) is a SaaS+ company committed to delivering propulsive, best-in-class software solutions custom-tailored to Google Ads. Our approach is to leverage the balance of machine and human brainpower in order to maximize KPI-driven results while minimizing tedious and iterative taskwork. With more than 10 years of Google Ads (AdWords) experience and a core competence in software development, we have become leaders in PPC automation. We understand that each account is different — with different business goals as well. Whether the client wishes to grow geographically, to optimize text ad quality, to source keywords from Shopping campaigns, to grow their brand by boosting impressions, or to increase sales with inventory-driven and item-specific ads, the smec team is there to help. We demonstrate that, with the right toolset, Google Shopping and Google text ads form a powerful amplifier to help ecommerce players succeed, sell more, and penetrate new markets. Thanks to a deft blend of automation and attentive human support, our clients achieve better results with less effort, enabling them to focus on strategic decision-making.